The Social Betting App. Bet your friends for real cash!

Your social betting app

Bet cash with your mates on anything,
and get paid, all on your mobile.


Bet on anything with your friends

Think of any bet.
Set the amount & odds.
Send it to your mates.

It’s that simple!


Be Social, Get Vocal

Share bets on social media, claim bragging rights & let your friends know who’s boss.


No cash on hand, No worries

One touch payment ensures fast, easy & secure transfers so your mates can’t dodge payments anymore.


Pot Betting

Punt on Golf Tournaments, Poker, Footy Tipping, Party Olympics, Lawn Bowls, Trivia and any other social group event!

Jimmy Poulimas

‘finally getting paid everytime i destroy my mates in golf’

— Jimmy Poulimas

Chris Cant

‘I play park footy and back myself to kick the most goals. I haven't lost yet.’

— Chris Cant

Dan Owen

‘you never get bragging rights with a bookie, now you do’

— Dan Owen